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Lotte will provide distingused products and services with our creative perspective.

Our pringting and packaging business collects and analyses customers’ variously changing needs and formalizes it in order to react to the changes of product quality and shortening product cycle. With such continuous effort, we have been able to produce excellent packaging materials with great dampproofing, machinability, and product protection and maximize customer-satisfaction. In particular, we are producing diverse packaging materials of best quality ranging from food packaging, medicine packaging, cigarette packaging, and industrial packaging materials to multilayered containers and paper wares by pringting and conjugating paper, film, and Aluminium foil.


Product Lines

High Gloss Container

High gloss paper container with great printing performance and water-proofing.

first High Gloss Container second High Gloss Container
High Gloss Container product information
Use Icecream, snack, cup noodles, beverages, etc.
  • Great gloss and printing effect.
  • The containers can be formed without being PE coated.
  • Improved contents preservability.
  • Great cold-resistnance and water-proofing.
Applied Technology and Awards
  • Manufactured packaging container through printing the reverse side of films (Patent Registration No. 10-1062526).
  • Receieved an award from 2013 Future Packaging New Technology Government Prize.
Comparison of convervative property
Comparison of convervative property
classification vapour permeability
(g/㎡ 24hr)
oxygen permeability
(cc/㎡ 24hr)
existing 16~22 7,000~8,000
high gloss containers 5~8 1,500~2,000

Inmold Label Containers

Sticking labels on the containers while the containers are being formed in the process of injection molding process.

Inmold Label Containers
Inmold Label Containers product information
Use coffee, juice, dairy products, healthy drinks, tea, etc.
  • Great workability when forming the containers with great curling stability of the labels.
  • Sturdy compared to label affixation. Fancy appearance.
Manufacturing process Production process in order of Processing materials, sheet processing, and packaging.
The principles of manufacturing Inmold Label Containers Container and put it in the same mold label containers injection molding resin in between the container and the label merging into one container production is the principle Inmold label.

Uneven Cup

An inmold container with requested design patterns. You can feel the texture in your grip.

first Uneven Cup second Uneven Cup
Uneven Cup product information
Use coffee, juice, dairy products, healthy drinks, tea, etc.
Characteristics Great insulation effect (heat and cold)
distinguished products with concavo-convex patterns and feeling of textile in the grip.
Comparison of Insulation Effect Put hot drink and cold drink in a general cup and uneven cup and measure the difference in temperature after 5 minutes. Provide the results in a graph. The temperature of the hot drink in a general cup is 6℃, cold drink 50℃, and the temperature of hot drink in an uneven cup is 8℃ and cold drink 43℃.

Multilayer Containers

Enhanved centents preservability through composing barrier-layers.

Multilayer Containers
Multilayer Containers product information
Use rice, jelly, porridge, etc.
Characteristics Great contents preservability, solidity and transparent of products in accordance with customers’ requests, various colours.
Manufacturing Process Production process in order of Resion insertion, Extrusion, Sheet Manufacturing and Container Molding.

Container LID

Applicable to retort products. LID packaging materials that is easy to open.

first Container LID second Container LID
Container LID product information
Use Retort foods (tuna, rice, etc), pet food, fruits, etc
  • easy to open
  • great contents preservability
  • applicable to retort food products
The Principles of Easypeel The principle of Easypeel provides easy and comfortable opening by attaching EP resin and lamination side to containers.