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Lotte will provide distingused products and services with our creative perspective.

Our pringting and packaging business collects and analyses customers’ variously changing needs and formalizes it in order to react to the changes of product quality and shortening product cycle. With such continuous effort, we have been able to produce excellent packaging materials with great dampproofing, machinability, and product protection and maximize customer-satisfaction. In particular, we are producing diverse packaging materials of best quality ranging from food packaging, medicine packaging, cigarette packaging, and industrial packaging materials to multilayered containers and paper wares by pringting and conjugating paper, film, and Aluminium foil.

Medicine Packaging Materials

Packaging material suitable for long-term preservation of medicinal effect with great chemical resistance and barrier property (oxygen, moisture). Materials innocuouos to humans used.

Product Lines


Great chemical resistance and easy to open.

Suspension product information
Use Applied to suspension medicine (antacid, antitussive expectorants, etc)
Features Great chemical resistance, easy to open.
Comparison of
chemical resistance
Comparison of chemical resistance: regular film vs. LOTTE ALUMINIUM’s own film
Packaging materials with great sealing performance and chemical resistance.
Fine Granules
When filling the fine granular contents, great heat adhesion, sealing performance, and preservability of contents.
Fine Granules