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Ethical Management

Complaint Reporting System

LOTTE ALUMINIUM’s Complaint Reporting System is a communication channel prepared for LOTTE ALUMINIUM’s ethical management and improvement in management open to executives and employees, customers, stockholders, and partners.

We are putting our efforts and taking all possible measures to make sure people that file complaints will not receive any disadvantage from filing/reporting. The Complaint Reporting System is operated on the basis of our internal regulations (Rules of Conduct).

Points to Note
ㆍIn principle, real-name reporting is required, but anonymous reporting is also possible if it is unavoidable
ㆍAnonymous reports can be investigated only if specific and objective facts can be confirmed
ㆍYou must not make a false report for the purpose of slander, defame, etc

Written declaration
RequiredRequired Fields.
Human Information of Informant
Human Information of Informant
Information of Person Being Reported
Information of Person Being Reported
Contents of Report
Contents of Report


* Only Hangeul Word Excell PPT jpg gif files can be attached

Consent to Collect and Entrust Personal Information

The user confirms that the following personal information is true and contents to collect and use personal information as follows.

  • 1. Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use
    We are collecting personal information to provide smooth customer consultation and various services.
  • 2. Items of Personal Information Collected
    Required Information
    - User name, company name, email address, report type, name of the person being accused, concerned department, contents of report
    The following information could be made and collected in the course of using the service or operation process.
    - Record of using service, access log, cookie, access IP information
  • 3. Retention Period of Personal Information
    By principle, the personal information collected is destroyed without delay once the purpose of use is met. Nonetheless, name and phone number needed for company to provide materials to confirm communication are kept for 12 months. (Communication Privacy Protection Law Article 15 (2))
  • 4. Entrustment of Collected Personal Information
    For service improvement and effective management of personal information, we are outsourcing the data to manage them. We are regulating in contract with outsourcing company that the data are safely managed in compliance with related laws.

The Entrusted Company Handling Personal Information and Their Task

  • [Entrusted Company: Scope of Entrustment]
    Lotte Data Communication Company Co.,Ltd: Construction and Maintenance of computerized system.
LOTTE ALUMINIUM Ethics Committee
E-mail :
Address :
Head of the Complaint Reporting System at Department of Ethical Management, 104, Beotkkot-ro,
Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea