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Management of Sharing

LOTTE ALUMINIUM has founded a volunteer organization called ‘Lotte Nanumi’ in an effort to make our society warm and affluent through social contribution activities and management of sharing.

‘Lotte Nanumi, a combination of ‘sharing’ and ‘beauty’, is a volunteer organization pursuing beauty of sharing with neighbors.
Love Your Neighbours

We regularly conduct activities such as carrying briquettes, kimchi-making, visiting welfare facilities for elders to support the less privileged to live together.

Blood Donation of Love

The executives and employees of LOTTE ALUMINIUM donate their blood to individuals or related organizations.

Sharing Events

We hold sharing events, such as donation of books, sharing market, donation of work clothes, to help less privileged neighbors.

Nature Purification Activities

We are supporting environment purification activities within and around LOTTE ALUMINIUM’s factories to establish pleasant environment with the region.