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We will prepare for future competitiveness by seeking new business opportunities through continuous innovation.

Based on LOTTE ALUMINIUM’s core competence, we will actively propel development of high-value products and new businesses to lead the future growth of LOTTE ALUMINIUM and realize sustainable growth.

Funcational Pckaging Material

Wellpack is a high-functional package with advanced oxygen barrier property (as oxygen being the main reason behind food rancidity) and advanced food security, a unique packaging solution of LOTTE ALUMINIUM.

first Wellpack second Wellpack
Wellpack product information
Use Food packaging material for dried fruits, Cheese, Pie, Snack
Material Composition
  • OPP / Wellpak / Sealant
  • PET / Wellpak / Sealant
Product Performance Measure the current status of OTR (㏄/㎡, Day)(amount of oxygen-permeability) of general OPP and WellPak Film(OPP) and provide the results in a graph. General OPP is 2,500, and WelPakFil (OPP) is 3~4.
Cost Reduction
and Light-weighted
In the process of printing, by using the eco-friendly and biodegradable barrier material as ink and coating it, it can substitute for the existing materials or layers to secure barrier property. By doing so, the packaging structure is improved as well as reduction in costs and package weight.
Consideration of food security Dastically improved oxygen barrier property, as the oxygen is the main reason behind food rancidity. Elongated preservation period of taste. Also applicable to various plastic films. Applied to most of the food packaging materials to consider food security as the top priority.